Movement of an IP camera via Node-Red

I’m currently trying to move one of my IP cameras to different PTZ points via Node-Red.
The points are saved in the camera. I can set the points without any problems using automation in HomeAssistant itself. Here’s the automation:

service: select.select_option
metadata: {}
option: Startpunkt1
entity_id: select.e1_outdoor_cx_ptz_voreinstellung

I’m a total beginner when it comes to Node-Red and I just can’t get it to work

This is how I tried it in Node-Red

What am I doing wrong?
It would be great if you could help me here.

When trying to get a service call to run from Node-RED, it is very useful to first try it in Home Assistant Developer Tools > Service. You have done this, and it shows that the service you are trying to call is

In the Call Service node, this translates to
Domain: select
Service: select_option

I can see this service in Home Assistant, and it selects an option from a drop down list.

In the Call Service node you have used domain: input_select, which is very different and deals with media players. It is confusing as both domains have the same service (select_option).

Try using “select” in the Domain. Everything else looks OK.

Thanks, that was the solution