Movement sensor recommendation (pets detection)

I am looking for an external movement sensor to detect small, animal like cats.
I need to “dissuade” (and be aware that it is happening) some small animal to overturn my trash bin maybe associating it with a flashing light o a small siren.
Do you have any suggestion?
All the sensors I find are declared as “pets immune”…

Thank You


You can use Sonic sensor connected to esp8266 switching light on/off

RasPi can work as well.

If you can DIY it you should have no issue.
Also maybe you can modify a nature cam to switch light along with take photo

Research what frequency the animals can hear it before you put in the sonic sensor in…

If you are making stuff like me, the AM312 Pir is a good choice, it’s a dumb 3.3 V sensor so 0 % pet immunity .What kind of pet movement you want to detect ?? Maybe the microwave sensor is a good choice,or that IR distance measurement if you want to make an automatic cat feeder !..I know that this is an old topic but anyway…I would rule out the ultrasonic sensor because it can repel friendly animals…