Movie/TV Scene but stop light automation

Hi all,

If I have an existing lighting automation in my tv room and a scene being set on those same lights when TV content plays - how do I stop the lighting automation from firing when the scene is active? and then reenable it once tv is idle?

thank you

If your tv playing entity has a ‘playing’ state use that as the condition for your light automation

Otherwise, make a binary sensor
On your tv playing automation add and action to call set state service and set the state of the binary sensor to on

Add another automation to set the binary sensor to off when not playing

On your light automation set a condition to the state of binary sensor being off

You could also turn the light automation itself off and on via automation.turn_off/ automation.turn_on.



makes sense thank you - i wasn’t sure if there was a direct way to pause those automations with a switch but sounds like that is it.

would the binary sensor be a new device itself?

thanks again

The above solution will work too. But you’ll still need a second automation to turn the automation back on.

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oh fantastic i like this

Right - I’m imagining an automation that triggers on the TV’s state and when the TV starts “playing”, it activates the “tv scene” that @Joel_DE mentioned in the original post.
So I would add an additional action, that disables the “unwanted” light automation at this point.

The same automation then could be used (e.g. when “tv state changes from ‘playing’ to ‘idle’”) to re-enable the light automation.

I guess there’s lots of ways to do this…