Moving a light from one area to another

Hi all,

new here and just starting. I have searched long and hard before picking which server software I would go with. I ended up picking HA because I have a few Tuya devices and you guys support them out of the box.

I have set up my server on a VM and it looks like it’s up and running fine. I can see most of my devices and turn them on and off … fancy stuff with switches to follow.

I am however having a problem and must be missing something … I searched all over and could not find an answer. …

How do I move a bulb from one room/area to another … and delete a device…?

Configuration / devices menu, then click on the device. Then the cog icon top right to change the area.

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OK - that’s where I was looking. However when I do that the room cannot be changed.

OK - selecting the cog on the device did not allow me to change it but the cog in the master page did.

Now … onto renaming some devices and being able to change the colour of a bulb… should keep me quiet for a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help Tom.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. “Cog icon in the upper right of the page, not the device”.

I Got there - and clicking random buttons is half the fun :slight_smile:

I think HA is going to be a good fit for me. Not only does it support my Tuya devices but it seems to have add-ons for my Harmony Hub.

Currently working on changing light bulb color and adding in my Magic Home device … it’s in but saying “This entity does not have a unique ID…”

So - lots more docs and clicking when I get time. Thanks for the help … I expect I will be back here a few times :slight_smile:


Entities that are configured manually (as opposed to those that are discovered) do not yet have this functionality. I believe it’s on the ‘to do’ list.

Ah so it sounds like I can save my time trying to configure it. I’ll have a read and see if there is a way to get it “discovered” I added it manually in the configuration.yaml. I guess I leave it as is and see about colours on the Tuya bulbs.

I also noticed some eWeLink WiFi relays on e-bay and they seem to be dirt cheap … that’s like hundreds of things I can think of for them :slight_smile: