Moving from 2021-2-3 to 2021-3-4 removes Hue groups?

I’ve updated from 2021-2-3 to 2021-3-4 and my Hue light groups have disappeared. I had two, one for two fireplace lights and one for two living room lights. A single entity for both.

Thoughts on what to look for to fix? The groups or rooms exist in my Philips Hue and worked prior to this upgrade. The entities just aren’t there now. I looked through the release notes but didn’t see Hue on there.

How do I get them back?

Hue groups are disabled by default now in 2021.3. But it’s easy to add it back.

Go to Configuration -> Integrations

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

And find the entry for Philips Hue. Click the “Options” button and there will be an “Allow Hue groups” checkbox. Check that box and hit the “Submit” button, and they should be back.

That did it… thanks for the pointer. (Probably should have thought to look there but didn’t.)

Was that in the release notes anywhere? Maybe I just didn’t look close enough.

Thanks again.

Yes. For 2021.3.0 as far as I remember