Moving from Docker to Hass OS

Hi all,

I have a PoC Home Assistant setup running on my Linux laptop using the officially supported Docker setup.

I was so impressed I immediately ordered a Raspberry Pi 4. I will of course use Home Assistant Operating System.

Is there some guidance to migrate my existing config? I understand I can copy over my config directory.

Would I lose out on any Hass OS specific settings if I overwrite the default Hass config with my old config?

Thanks for your time



There aren’t any specific settings
When copy folder be sure to get hidden folders as well

The easiest way is to go to settings - system - backups and create a backup which you can download.
Do the new installation to the Raspberry PI and then when it has completed you can go into settings - system - backups and upload your previous backup and then restore from there.
That works a lot better than trying to copy over config directories.

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