Moving from HA-Docker to HAOS

I am presently running HA-Docker and want to move to HAOS. I have done some searching in the forum to try to figure out how best to do this. I have found several posts form people who have wanted to do the same thing but unfortunately, those inquiries when unanswered.

I cannot seem to find any clear answers on what exactly is backed up when you backup HA. From what I can tell, backing up my Docker instance and attempting to recover in an HAOS instance may cause issues as they are clearly different animals.

Is there a way to backup just automations & scripts or should I plan on just doing a complete rebuild?

Copy your data directory (where configuration.yaml is) over to HA OS, including all hidden files and directories.

As far as I remember, it is just a “normal” backup in HA and restore in the new installation. Doesn’t matter what platforms are used.

Or am I totally off here? I don’t think (hope) so… :slight_smile:

See here:


The Backup integration
allows you to create and download backups for your Home Assistant Core
and Home Assistant Container
installations. This backup file can be used if you migrate to Home Assistant Operating System

You are correct. But a copy of the data directory is way faster than a restore.

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That’s true, that should work much faster! :laughing: