Moving from HomeBridge to HA - Broadlink issue


I’m fairly new to HA, I was using HomeBridge.
After a few days I was able to add all my Tasmota devices to HA.
Now, searching for 2 days I cannot make my RM Pro to send RFcommands (I have them all).

I have HA installed on a Raspberri PI 4b with 4GB RAM and without docker.
I installed the Broadlink Integration a followed the guide for a switch. When I add the switch to Lovelace and click on it, nothing happens.

I added this line to configuration.yaml:

switch: !include switches.yaml

and this one into switches.yaml:

  - platform: broadlink
    mac: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
      - name: Persiana do Escritório
        command_on: "b200a800103110311031351211313612103210303711371310313712113110311031100001d8341235123711371237121131361337121031113110311031361210313612113111303612371211313712113110311130110001d8341136123612371237121132361138121131113011311030361211313612113111303612381210323612113111311031100001d93411371136123712381210323612381112311031113011303711110005dc"
        command_off: "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"

Could someone please tell me what I’m missing?

I’m wondering why you try to set up switches since you want to use the remote function of broadlink integration.

Did you check the Broadlink Integration page?

You can set up the integration via UI. It will discover your RM pro and create a remote entity. Then you can use remote.learn_command to add new commands.

Since you have installed the integration, remove the line host…



I did use the Broadlink Integration.
I would like to use this because my shutters are still RF (433mhz) controlled via RM Pro.

(I already have all the codes from Homebridge)

I removed the host but still no luck.

(I already have all the codes from Homebridge)

I think you need to redo the codes again for HA.

Are you sure?? :frowning_face:

I am not quite certain, but I think you do since homebridge & HA are 2 different platforms. Try one and see if it works with the new code learn from HA.