Moving from Lets Encrypt to Remote UI, closing my last port. things to consider

Hello. I am using Duck DNS/LetsEncrypt at the moment. I now have remote UI working through nabu casa. I would like to close my last open port in my router.
How do I keep my addons ( node-red, Tasmota, IDE ) working?
Disable DuckDns and then set all the use ssl values to false in the add-on configs?
remove the base-url in config.yaml.
I don’t think I will be able to keep my uptime robot component working with no open ports unless anyone has a suggestion of how to do that with no open ports.

am I missing anything? Thanks in advance

Since remote ui doesn’t support any add ons yet I don’t think you can move entirely yet. But you can keep both of them active at the same time. But would also be interested if somebodys got a nicer solution to the problem!