Moving from Open Zwave to Original ZWave Integration

I recently reinstalled home assistant from scratch after some computer issues. I decided to give open zwave a try, but it hasn’t worked out so well for me. I would like to move back to the original zwave integration. I have 60 zwave devices and I don’t want to go through the setup of all of them again, does anyone know how to move back to the original zwave integration without redoing everything related to zwave?

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You just have to install the zwave integration from the UI (configuration->integrations-> +).

But you need to make sure the OZW system is no longer accessing the z stick so remove the add-on if installed.

Once you do that then the integration will discover all of the devices on your stick. Then the only thing you’ll have to do is go thru and rename the entities if needed. If you have your old zwcfg_xxxx.xml it will help in that respect.

Just for your info, the “original” Z-Wave integration will be deprecated at some point.

I recommended it to a friend because of that, and was surprised at how incomplete it was! This was a few months ago, and at that point, while it may have been the most capable option, it was not suited for neophytes such as us. And given that the migration is easy, we can just switch over to ozw once it’s the core platform. :slightly_smiling_face: