Moving from PI to a NUC whats the optimal solution?

Been running a Home Assistant on a P! 3B+ and a SSD. Pretty much flawless once you leave it alone.

The PI is now limiting me on my configuration and I now have a NUC to play with.


Whats the best way to deploy with the least amount of work going forward?
HyperV/Home Assistant Image or install the Home Assistant Operating System?

Issues with the PI to get me here are
1.Unifi Controller on the PI with MQTT can not longer run Wifi Controller up (do I need to have the Wifi as a separate virtual?_
2.ESP home not longer got the processing power to compile just takes too long
3.Sight-hound face detection only sufficient CPU/Ram for a single MPEG stream/detection

Final is how to migrate what I have now (backup plus yaml’s) to where I want to get.

What I dont want is to have to update OS etc all the time and kill my Home Assistant instance.

Any advice please?

Create a full snapshot of your current system. Copy it off the SSD.

Burn the Generic x86-64 HAOS image to the new SSD using an external HDD to USB adapter.

During onboarding of the new system upload and restore from the snapshot.

There is this community guide: How to restore a snapshot

Sorry but you really should keep Home Assistant up to date monthly, or at least bi-monthly. If you don’t do this when you do want to update you may have so many breaking changes that it becomes extreme difficult.

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Thanks tom. Updating is more under Home Assistant OS i.e Windows or Linux OS. With the PI it was easy to continue to update OS/HA/Home Assistant.

It’s the same for the Generic x86 image as for the pi image. Monthly core updates.

Home Assistant OS updates are less frequent. Maybe 3 times a year at most.