Moving from RPI to Docker and zwave

Hey all.
For various reasons looking at moving from my used since the start RPI 3 that has ran my system for several years to my unraid server. My biggest question is I have a lot of zwave devices and I dont want to replace these. Since the start I have used a Raspberry board but would need to change to a zwave usb stick. Can I get the network key or whatever its called and install on the new server with the new usb stick without trying to work out how I get all the sensors to update to the new network?

If you copy the old config to the new server it will go with the rest of the config.

when you switch to the unraid will you be updating to zwavejs?

If you do just copy it over in the correct format to zwavejs

you should be able to look in your .storage/core.config_entries file and find the existing network key in there if there is one.

I was thinking about this after I posted. Can I do a retore from backup? What I mean is do a backup on the RPI and then a retore on the unraid?

I’m not sure. I don’t use unraid so I don’t know how a “backup” of a RPi could be restored onto the unraid.

If it were me I would just make a copy of the entire HA config directory, including the hidden files, and paste it into the new config location. It really is that easy. You will likely have a corrupt db but that’s not the end of the world. And you can even minimize that risk if you make sure you stop the HA server before you make the copy.

But that doesn’t get you the updated zwave system (if that is even a concern). It just copies what you already have.