Moving from RPi to Windows Virtual Machine with Zwave Dongle

Going to spend some time this weekend moving over from Hassio installation from RPi to ideally a VM on Windows. RPi has been great but as my usage has grown its become slow but have had a 2 SD card failures and its not really upto mission critical.

What is the best guide out there at the moment to do this? Also have people been able to get it to work with Aeotec Z-Wave Dongle?


There’s nothing fancy here, since the pairings are stored on the stick.

  1. Back up your old system
  2. Shut it down
  3. Move the stick to the new system
  4. Restore the backup
  5. Start your new system

Thanks - more just getting this dongle to work with windows/vm/hassio setup, should I expect issues? If not great

Not specifically for that stick. Depending on your specific setup you’ll have to take the appropriate steps to pass the stick to (and ensuring that tools like modemmanager are removed from the host). None of these are going to be problems though.

Just to say completed this project. Works a treat and so much more faster / responsive than RPi.