Moving config from RbPi to PC possible?

Over the weekend, I tried moving my config from RbPi to a PC, but didn’t go well. I returned my zwave stick back to the Pi and it works fine. From what I’ve read, others have done this from the same computer platform, maybe going from a PI to a PC is not do-able…

I have a Z-wave stick (AEOTEC Gen 5), along with several door/window sensors, a couple switches, a RGB bulb and a garage door sensor.

I did the following:

  1. Installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, updated, upgraded, then, sq, socat, etc.
  2. Ran curl -sL | bash -s
  3. Then accessed the web page to perform the actual install
  4. shutdown from config/general page
  5. sshed the RBpi config contents to the Ubuntu’s config directory
  6. shutdown the Ubuntu system
  7. moved zwave stick to Ubuntu system
  8. booted up the system
  9. all but one door sensor worked eventually

After a couple hours, I rebooted the system to ensure that everything (accepted the one door/win sensor) would still work. However, only one door/window sensor (that worked before) would work after that. Got too late to continue, so I moved my zwave stick back to the Pi and worked fine.

Is it do-able and if so, is there anything I’m missing?


It’s doable. Many people have moved from pi to PC. What do your logs say happened?

Did you install or homeassistant?

I think PC best practice is install docker then install homeassistant inside docker container. is HA in docker container.

Thanks for the response. I just booted up the Z-wave stick on my PC and it appears my sensors are working now, except for the one sensor (that appears to be eating thru batteries).

My first (switch to turn on light) and second (switch themes at sundown) automation did not trigger, but that was around the time I booted it up, will see if my next automation works in a couple hours. I tried changing themes on my main interface but will not switch, as they would on the Pi. Not a big deal, I can switch it in Configuration / General manually.

Thanks, yes I’m using docker and on Ubuntu.

Went to look at the logbooks to see why my automations weren’t triggering and there was none. I searched and someone suggested deleting the SQLite database file in the config directory. So I did that and my automations started working on the PC.

I was copying everything, including the db file. So it appears that if you transferring your configuration to another system, don’t include the db file…