Moving hassio error

I’m attempting to move my hassio instance from VirtualBox to Hyper-V and I cannot regain access to the UI. Conversion was successful. Upon running it and entering ‘root’ at login, I’m brought to the below screen.

I’m confused by the URL’s presented in the config screen. The noted IP and port is not what I have set up. I have nginx installed and it ran fine. How do I get my access back?

Edit: In Hyper-V Mgr, I set a static MAC, but of course, it’s not showing in my router because I believe this hassio instance is running on a different subnet?

Edit 2: hassio now appears on the correct subnet. I realized I did not have the Hyper-V switch linked to my external host adapter. However, I still cannot gain access to the UI. What am I missing?


Back working… Had to reset port forwarding on router.