Moving house, need to replace hardware

I’m moving from a smallish house to a large house.

I currently have a mix of hue bulbs and the lidl ones. I’m going to need new GU10s (don’t have enough) that are compatible with the Hue Bridge. I’m quite happy to wait for ones to arrive from Ali Express and they just need to be white. Best affordable recommendations would be lovely.

I use Drayton Wiser radiator thermostats. I checked out the boiler at the propertly and couldn’t see a control panel - you know the one you change out for the wiser control panel. Also because the intergration into HA is manual I am not sure I can be bothered with that anymore! I can’t do Hive or Nest as I will be living in rented accomodation, but as the house is big I really need to control each zone. I’ve looked at other zigbee radiator valves but looking for recommedations on how to control the heating across a house that has an extension. It will cost me tons if I heat it all at once.