Moving influxdb database from SD Card to Synology server


I need some help with my current project. I have Hassio running on a RPI and everything is stored on an SD card. My problem is that the influxdb grows in size and that the backupa take forever in the middle of the night an Samba backup is giving an error, which should be related to a 3 hour runtime.

´´´[23-02-05 00:30:51] INFO: Creating backup “Samba Backup 2023-02-05 00:30”
parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 5´´´

I have already installed a new influxdb on the Synology and the data is being collected now outside of the SD card. However, I wanted to keep the history data which is stored inside the container.

Witht the console inside the container I can see the data, but not outside in the /data/supervisor folder.

I have tried to mount a folder from outside the container but without success. I also have read several topics how to get the data out. I also have tried to mount the folder from the RPI on the Synology, but Synology it seems that the folder does not exist.


So any help would be much appreciated on how to get the InfluxDB database from the SD card to the Synology.

Thanks, Andreas