Moving Insteon from ISY to HA

I have a bunch of Insteon devices that are connected to an ISY.

I have those devices listed in HA as part of the ISY.

How do I move ISY Insteon devices to connect directly to the HA Insteon Integration?

Thanks in advance!


DISCLAMER: I migrated away from Insteon & ISY a few years ago. I do not claim that these instructions will work but this is how I would approach it.

Before doing anything, I would make a complete backup of my HA system. AND test that I can successfully recover from that backup.

I would then remove my ISY integration from HA, all ISY devices in HA, and power-off my ISY.

I would verify that my PLM can communicate with all my Insteon devices.

Finally, I would read the Insteon HA Integration documentation and any open/closed issues, follow the installation instructions, cross my fingers and hope for the best.