Moving my Zigbee Co-ordinator

Hi all,

I am using zigbee2mqtt to control all my zigbee devices.

My zigbee co-ordinator is plugged into my Unraid server running homeassistant as a VM.
This works really well except for one thing. Due to the location of the server and the weird layout of my house, all the zigbee devices have a low link quality. I tried connecting an external antenna to my co-ordinator that hasn’t improved things much. I’m running quite a few powered devices and my zigbee mesh shows them all connected, but that really hasn’t improved things much.

I’m thinking of moving the co-ordinator to a different location in the house (the server would stay where it is).

Any pointers to get me started?

Has anyone done this and how do I connect the co-ordinator back to my Home assistant instance. I have ethernet throughout the house, so I’m assuming something like a rPi? What software and how to connect it.


I run my zigbee2mqtt coordinator connected to an esp01.

Connecting the CC2530 |