Moving speed of person in HA

Right not the person.XXX entity gives lots of attributes, like lat. and long., I’d like to know the approximate moving speed of the person. Is there a easy way, maybe another integration?

I’m already using proximity, but it gives me distance to a zone, not speed of the person.

Use the Life360 integration

Doesn’t it require I enroll all the phones in Life360? Or does it work with the data?

I’d rather not have to install other app on all phones just for what sounds like a basic and easy calculation to do…

I guess you could use the derivative sensor on the proximity sensor.

I don’t know how accurate it would be tho. It would depend on the update interval of the proximity and how you would handle the going toward/away/lateral movements.

I don’t think it would be very easy.

the Life360 integration does that for you. And it works without HA so if HA goes down you still have location info shared between phones.

Distance given by proximity is distance to a fixed point (a zone). Derivative of that distance has nothing to do with speed of the persone (if the person goes fast in circle around the point, distance is fixed, and it’s derivative is 0, despite speed being non zero). It can be interesting but that’s not what I am after here.

We have GPS positions in lat / lon, and timestamps, maybe we could calculate between two positions… ??

That however could be unstable - GPS positions could fluctuate drastically. Maybe we can calculate speed by taking the average distance between a few GPS locations and divide by the time elapsed.

And if you want to get fancy - you could account for the fact that we are moving on the surface of a sphere.

Yes, I know. I already said that above.

There is nothing built-in unless you install another app as far as I know.

You could try the HA mobile app but I’m not sure it gives you speed since I’ve never used it for that. But also it’s another app. Although it is related to HA.