Moving, Starting From Scratch, etc - Could use some infrastructure brainstorming help


Been using Home Assistant for about a year now and it’s been a blast but as many others before me have pointed out you learn a ton and sometimes a clean start is best. Just had an offer accepted on new construction so I will be doing it again and I want to start by getting a jump on the infrastructure so I can plug in and configuring everything when we are ready to move it.

Right now I currently run HAOS on unRAID as a VM and then I have a pi 4 w/ a Sonoff Dongle-E that isn’t super reliable for Z2M & DIYHue. In the new house I want to incorporate Z-Wave but I have only done so thus far though Ring home security stuff. I’m thinking:

  1. HAOS running on Proxmox on 2U server(s) in the basement so I can snapshot / failover
  2. A Pi w/ an M.2 for Z2M with a Sonoff Dongle-P (the fully supported one) in a central location of the house
  3. A Pi w/ an M.2 for Zwave JS w/ some dongle around the same location as the Z2M pi

The pi’s are cheap enough that it seems worth having two so I don’t loose Zigbee if Zwave is down and vice versa.

I would also move a my other VMs and some dockers off of unRAID and onto the servers hosing proxmox. I would leave the 4U unRAID box as a media server decouples from the rest of my critical infrastructure.

Anyone run a setup like this? I know it’s overkill but I want to play around with Kubernetes and snapshotting VMs so I’m going to grab a few blades and move things over from unRAID.

Also, is Zwave JS the right call? I’m really liking Z2M but one thing I’m unsure of is how I’d set something up like a smart lock with a keypad using Zwave JS. I wouldn’t be able to use an app to configure the smart lock like you would with a proprietary hub, is there a way that I could achieve that? For example, DIYHue + Z2M still lets me use Hue apps and programs even though I’m not using their bridge.