Moving storage to external disk causes crashes

i used the procedure under system>storage>move data disk to move to an external usb drive. Since then, HA has several times crashed, hard, no web server, automations don’t run, sensors don’t update- frozen, in short. Only a hard power-reset (pulling the power cable) will bring it back. This never happened before. I’m using HA 2022.11.4, supervisor 10.2, OS 9.3, and frontend 20221108.0 on an RPi4.

Is this a known problem and is there a fix? How can I move HA back to the card?

Sounds like the power supply is the problem. Not enough power to run both the RPi and external SDD.

The external drive is on a powered hub. I should have mentioned that.

OK, then it must be something else.

I have been running on a RPi with an external SSD (NVME) for a long period, directly connected with an adequate powersupply. Booting from the SD cand and having data on the SSD, exactly as you. No problem at all. Think you should look at the HW setup, is the SSD supported by the USB dongle etc.

Moving back. I believe the process is to restore on a clean/new installation of HA, without the SSD attached. Have nenver seen a possibility to “move back to SD card”

A week passed with no problems, then HA crashed twice in 24 hours. I think it is the HD, as you said, though I’ve been using that as a portable windows drive without problems. I reinstalled HA on a 128gb card, using a recent backup. Thanks for helping.