Moving to Android...recommended?

Hi chaps

Currently have a Iphone 6s and use the iOS app and Apple Homekit for my HASS install (via homebridge).

I am toying with replacing the phone with a Oneplus 5 or even a Pixel2 when they ship. Is there an equivalent to Homekit we can use in HASS or would I be losing this easy to use functionality? Has anyone else jumped ship when they use HASS and recommend it?


I don’t keep up with much Android stuff, but from the little research I’ve done, there is nothing (so far) like homebridge or the app for android.

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For what it’s worth,, a self-hosted digital assistant (replacement for siri, alexea, and google home) is now an available component for home assistant. I am (very slowly) trying to figure out a way to get a agent into a mumble server room, then you could command your automations with any mumble client

Ah great thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of snips. Will take a look.

Personally I believe in HomeKit. Its one of the most secure solutions out there and it cares about your privacy which is a big plus for me. The combination of Siri, a Appletv 4, iPhone, HomeKit and home assistant/homebridge is unmatched and I believe cant be found on Android with the same level of security, ease of setup and use

Snips.AI is a self-hosted Digital agent, along the same lines of siri, google home, and alexia. I would recommend ridding yourself of the siri burden!

Actually not sure if there’s a typo in there or not :laughing:

I had no idea what I was trying to type but definitely not that!! Fixed!!

I assume “give that a shot”, as the o and i are next to each other :smile: