Moving working setup to new router - stopped working externally (NGINX/DuckDNS)

My working DuckDNS/NGINX setup worked great at home on my ASUS router with port forwarding, but when I moved this setup to a new router receiving a new external IP, my external https access has stopped working. Local works just great.

Port forwarding in the router is set up, but no matter if I try to use the external IP or the DuckDNS domain, I can’t connect.

Is there a setting somewhere that I’ve missed to change?

Changed ISP too ?

How long ago did you move the setup?
Maybe duckdns hasnt propagated yet.

Can you force an update with DuckDNS. Most DDNS providers will do this.

Yes! Went from fiber with static external IP to mobile broadband with new ip every restart. DuckDNS picks up the new ip though.

That most likely means you are behind a CGNat.
One solution is to contact ISP to hear if you can get opened up in the CGNat (normally it is not possible).
Another is to use NabuCasa.
A third is to use CloudFlare tunnel or similar.
A fourth is to use a VPN relay service.
The common thing for the 3 last ones is that they all make a connection from your local network to a server on the internet.
It is not possible to connect from the internet to your server anymore with CGNat in effect.
Your remote devices will then connect to the server on the internet instead of your local network.

Ah…CGNat - happy to have learned something new today - thanks! So I guess I’ll go back to my Tailscale solution that worked. A bit more cumbersome - especially for my in-laws - so maybe it’ll be NabuCasa after all in the end. Thank you for sorting this out!