Moving Z-wave interface from one Z-Wave JS UI instance to another

I have two Z-Wave UI JS instances that communicate with 2 HomeSeer Z-Net’s. One is in my HAOS install, the other is external as an LXC container in Proxmox. I’d like to move the HAOS container to another LXC container in Proxmox. If I do this, will it disrupt the devices that HA already knows?

Yes that should be doable. The unique ids for the entities are composed of the home_id and node_id which is stored on the stick, so as long as it’s the same stick it should work.

That said, there are several issues to avoid

  1. If you delete the existing integration you will lose all customization you have done to entitiy ids, names, enabled disabled entities, etc.
  2. If you create a new container it won’t have all the existing metadata and you’ll have to reinterview all the devices and wake-up all the battery powered ones.

However, if you shutdown zwavejs on HASS and copy the store directory over and mount that in your new container, then all the devices should come up and not require an interview. That would be a first step to try. Once that works…

Next step is to go into HA and reconfigure the integration to point to the new server. Which you can do through the UI or by shutting HA down and manually editing the .storage/core.config_entries file. I know the later works as I’ve done it.

Have some good backups.

Thanks. Do you know a good way of getting the store directory copied out of the container? The UI download won’t copy the folders inside of the store directory, and I can’t figure out how to get into a shell in that container so I can scp it out…

Make a partial backup of the add-on, and download the backup. It’s a tar file with all of the store files, you can extract whatever you need.

Most of the directories are not needed however, unless you’ve created custom config files (maybe snippets? Didn’t check). The “Backup” function downloads all of the necessary files.

Oh, and you can actually select all files (click checkbox next to “store” folder) and then “Download selected”. That includes everything selected (minus empty folders).


Brilliant! That worked great. I successfully moved the interface over. Thanks!