Moving Z-wave to docker

currently I have an up-to-date Hassbian configured with many componentes - among them a Z-wave USB stick and a couple of zwave devices.

For better maintainability I want to move to docker. A dockerized version of Home Assistant, MySQL and AppDaemon is already running on the same PI, but with pretty much empty configs.

Of course I can just mount the old config files into the container, but what happens with the Zwave stuff?
It relies on the z-wave config folder, openzwave and whatnot.

So my questions are:

  • How do I move the configuration over to the dockerized instance?
  • Do I need to have an openzwave container alongside HA? Or is everything working out of the box?
  • Will it keep the network association between the controller and the zwave nodes?
  • Is there already an official documentation on the installation procedure if I were to start from scratch without the openzwave residues on the current system?

Thanks ,


  1. Shut down the current Home Assistant install
  2. Copy options.xml and zwcfg_*.xml to the new install (also ensure you copy the network key over if you’ve set it)
  3. Move the USB stick over
  4. Start up the Docker instance, and wait for OpenZWave to install

Since part way through the 0.4x series, OpenZWave has been automatically installed when required.

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Thank you @Tinkerer , it worked!

Where should I copy these files ? To the config dir on the host where docker runs ?

To the config directory, alongside configuration.yaml.