Mower Ecovacs Goat G1!


Do you know if there is a Home assistant integration for the Ecovacs Goat G1 mower?

Thank you !

This thing is brand new. I am owning one and it’s working great so far. There is a ecovacs vacuum HA integration. Maybe someone has the skills and time to integrate it. I am happy to help if someone needs a tester or so.
If I find some time the next days I will try this:

@mib1185 Maybe you have some tips for me? :smiley:

It seems that Py-sucks hasn’t been updated for some time. I’m using DeebotUniverse/Deebot-4-Home-Assistant: Home Assistant integration for deebot vacuums ( instead and it has (about active) development going on. Just added Goat to my HA devices and it shows up just fine even many entities refer to vacuums. I’ll test more soon. I’m pretty sure that some functions doesn’t work, but maybe we can get it to supported devices with some group work.

An Integration for the Ecovacs Goat G1 to Home Assistant would also be very interesting for me!

I did send back mine. Too much errors. Won’t do any work here.

That’s bad. Mine is working well.

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What kind of errors?

I have learnt that GOAT needs a reboot from time to time. And after major FW update its best to reset it. Yep, you need to map again, but at least everything is working after reset.
Also don’t set GOAT language in it’s screen to anything else than English. From app the language settings works fine at least for me.