Mpp solar inverter Hybryd 10kw 3 phase. with PV module for lan connection

I have tried to read the forum and google the way to connect my inverter to Home assistant.

I have the Mpp / Mpi solar 10kw hybrid inverter and bought the voltronic pv module. and have no problem typing in the ip and port number for reaching the snmp web pro 1.1 user interfase.

But i know this inverter is also sold under other names. and im trying to see if other people had succes implementing this into homeassist and how to do it.

10 kw inverter link aliexpress

Kind Regards Michael

Mike - try this project and let me know if it works for you if you’ve given up on the SNMP method (it should In theory be the same rs232/USB protocol for the 10kw version as my smaller 3) - Programmatically read data from your Solar Inverter (Voltronic, Axpert, Mppsolar PIP, Voltacon, Effekta etc) and interface with Home Assistant via MQTT - Works with RS232 & USB!

It’s designed to be run in Docker, so it can be deployed on a cheap SBC (such as an orange pi) next to the inverter, which then communicates with HA via MQTT…

You can also use HA to send commands TO the inverter this way (such as changing battery cutoff and float voltages, charge modes etc).

If you live in a hot climate like me (Australia) I’d suggest also adding in a DHT22 temperature sensor to your battery box (assuming you have one) and wiring it to the PI also - this way if the batteries are above normal temperature, you can programmatically change the charge voltage/amps on the inverter (via a HA automation) so that you don’t damage them when charging them in at hotter temperatures

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I will give it a try Thanks :slight_smile: