MPPT charge controller with PH2.0 out put using TTL Want to read the data into home assistant


Hope anyone can help been looking at post about of MPPT charge controllers. I got my self one and would like to get the voltage amps and watt readings into my home assistant. Been using ESP32 Wemos D1 R2 and mini to get amps volts from my MPPT charger but I had to connect extra wires on it but it doesn’t look nice. I would like to use the PH2.0 interface on my MPPT solar charger any one that can point me into the right direction on what I can connect between the PH2.0 interface and a ESP32 to read the data and send this to Home Assistant. I also have a BT-2 blue device that can connect to this port that will send data to my mobile phone can I make it connect to home assistant and send the data this is BT-2 device for this charge controller. The model of the MPPT charge controller is a SRNE SR-MC2430N10 Any help or suggestions would help.