MPPT Solar Charge Controller with RJ45 to Home Assistant advice needed

i wonder if someone could help with some ideas about the follwoing:
Ive got MPPT Solar Charge Controller with rj45 port in it that suppose to transfer battery data.
I wonder how can i connect that rj45 rwead the data (particularly voltage and battery charge level) and transfer it to home assistant?
I was wondering if esp8266 or something similar can be used? Can i read and decode the rj45 signal and then send it to home assistant via mqtt?

If so and you ever came across a similar project or have some advice or ideas please could you share? :slight_smile:

Just need some direction and ideas where to start from…

The mptt controller i have is:
Y&H 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display Tracer AN Series 12V



I have the same problem, my MPPT controller is MUST PC18-8015F have port RJ45 (RS485) and USB. On USB port receive info on my PC with dedicated APP.
But i want to connect to HA.

Can anyone help us in any direction ?

Thank you.

Hi There,
The method I use for now (untill something HA direct comes along) is commercial. ICC Software has a solution that does all the hard work and not to expensive, the good thing for HA is builtin MQTT (two way) for integration into HA.


Hi Cristi2005,I found this:

that is along with this

will make it possible to have the data in home assistant or elsewhere.
The only problem they are sold out here:

If you are interested perhaps adding yourself to a list or dropping a message to the guy who makes it will make it available sooner? :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

Thank you for this info, i verify if this kit works with my controller and i will say here all info.

BR. Cristi