MQ-2 high readings at startup

Hi all,
I added smoke/Gas sensor to my HA using MQ-2 sensor module and ESP-12E flashed with Tasmota, all work well but the only issue is that at startup the module gives high readings ~370 and within 1 minute it settles at 200 and that cause the automation to trigger every time esp restarts (i set trigger value at 300), is there a way to get arround this please?

Maybe set your automation to fire up after the value of 300 is present for some time, like 2 min. Unfortunately this kind of a sensor has this warming-up phase and those high readings in the beginning are normal.Zrzut ekranu z 2023-03-23 05-53-55

Luckily it is quite short time, so setting around 30 sec might work.