MQ Light Show Add-on - need help testing

I’ve been using a private addon for the last year and decided to publish it today. It’s been working great for what I need, but having refactored the code for deployment according the the Home Assistant docs, I’m not certain that my docker images work on all of the platforms. I did bake my build commands into the Makefile if anyone wants to peep it and see if my cross platform builds look sensical. I was also confused by some of the architecture types, for instance is armhf and armv7 the same thing? I run my Home Assistant on an Ubuntu VM on my FreeNAS server and don’t have a test bed for these other platforms, but I did my best in publishing the images.

The addon repo I made is at GitHub - lovesway/hassio-addons: Home Assistant addon repository for apps developed at Love's Way.
The Makefile with my docker build syntax is at hassio-addons/Makefile at master · lovesway/hassio-addons · GitHub

Any help/tips are appreciated. Even a confirmation that anyone can install a particular arch type would be great. Once I work the build out, I’ll make a how to video and complete the docs. It does work well and to my knowledge there isn’t any other app that will let you make light shows in this way; it may have benefit to others. Also feel free to point me to any other forums or categories, I couldn’t find a spot that seemed dedicated to addon development.


I tightend up the build and Dockerfie, I ‘think’ I should have something solid at this point. Of course you don’t know until you know so any installation feedback would be awesome!

One thing to note, my images are only like 16mb; the magic of golang with static binaries! I hope these will work out and I can forgo creating massive Docker images with full linux distros.