MQTT add-on in cant connect to broker

So after hour of digging the interweb for nuggets of knowlege about the Mosquitto broker addon that supposedly is a plug and play thing these days, im still stuck without a broker.
Correction… i got a broker two brokers. One on a different Pi on the same LAN and one as in the addon in that nothing from the outside can connect to due to som ACL file ( quessing it stands for access control list or something) giving me the finger.
HA refuses to connect to the external Mosquitto broker, and all Pubs or Subs made to the addon broker is shutdown cause of the ACL restriction.

I would prefer to use the external broker, but if thats not a thing then I realy need to know just how to edit the ACL file for mosquitto, and where to find it???

Got the external Broker to play nice by disabling all other mqtt shit in and only use the mqtt component in configuration.yaml pointing to the external broker, so thats all a party but i still would like to know why the addon gives me the finger. Its supposed to be more mainstream an plug n play whit
I find it more confusing than how it used to be.


Just to clarify, you added Mosquitto from > Add-ons > Mosquitto broker?

And then modified the config section from the same screen after installing?

Example Config:

  "logins": [
      "username": "AddUsernameHere",
      "password": "AddPasswordHere"
  "anonymous": false,
  "customize": {
    "active": false,
    "folder": "mosquitto"
  "certfile": "fullchain.pem",
  "keyfile": "privkey.pem"

Is this what you’re looking for?

thje only thing i added to the addon config was user and pass.
according to the log in the addon, unauotherized connections are refused

the ACL file is what im looking for :slight_smile:

Okay, found the ACL description further down on the page.

Haven’t used this before, so hopefully someone else can help.