Mqtt addon stopping and watchdog flag getting reset

I’m seeing this happen multiple time per week- my mqtt addon (the official one) stops for some reason and the watchdog flag gets set to off. I start the addon, set the watchdog to on…. And rinse and repeat. Can’t find any useful logs. Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: mosquito/mqtt is the most important one- but I should mention it happens to other addons too- like Unifi

Happened again this morning :frowning:

What’s in your supervisor logs? Nothing else can turn off watchdog for an addon and if its doing so there must be something about it in the logs.

Also when you say you don’t have any useful logs, do you mean that the MQTT addon isn’t logging anything useful or the logs tab is blank of the MQTT addon by the time you look at it? If you mean the latter then try the following:

  1. Install the Web Terminal & SSH addon (the one in the community add-ons repository, not the official repository)
  2. Turn off protection mode and start it
  3. Run docker logs addon_core_mosquitto to see the logs from the addon from all its recent runs

Or alternatively use this guide to get to your real logs and see if you can find anything useful in there. The logs of all the addons, supervisor and everything else is in there and they persist over restarts.

Literally, there was nothing in any log I checked (and I checked all of those) that indicated what happened :frowning: I will check again next time.