MQTT Air conditioner dashboard card

Hi there,

I’m new to HA but know a lot about Arduino. Now I want to control my AC units from HA.
The control device is a ESP with tasmota IR remote. This works well and I can send MQTT commands to control it.
Now my problem is how can I make a card in the dashboard to control my AC. I tried the climate card, but this takes far too much space on the dashboard and it didn’t properly work with the MQTT payloads. The topic is always the same and the payload is a JSON:

{"Vendor": "MITSUBISHI_AC",
        "Model": 1,
        "Mode": "Cool",
        "Power": "On",
        "Celsius": "On",
        "Temp": 26,
        "FanSpeed": "Medium",
        "SwingV": "Off" }

I would like to have one card, size like entity card, which has 5 buttons in it and a display for the temperature. Buttons are “On/Off”, “Temp up”, “Temp Down”, “Fan speed”, “Swing”. On every button press a MQTT message is send out with updated values.

Is this possible to do?