MQTT Alarm Panel - translate upper case events to lower

I did have a custom mqtt alarm component, but with some of the changes coming to customising components and that I was still on .82, I wanted to be more non customised…

So what I’m after is a way of lower casing the incoming alarm states, from DISARMED to disarmed. Is this something I can do relatively easy, or make the mqtt.control_panel to accept DISARMED as a value?

What is sending those upper case events?

A docker container I wrote…but used by others.

Was hoping the client of those messages (ha) could apply some translation.

But I’ve since made changes to the docker container to allows flexibility in the messages being sent. Since it didn’t seem that ha was able to do it easily.

In openHAB I can translate on incoming

A docker container doesn’t send MQTT messages, some application inside the docker container does.

So if you wrote the application you can correct it :slight_smile:

Yes but my application not just used by home assistant, and if every destination was as inflexible spnit couldn’t translate then the scope for project would be much more limited.

As you can see I have fixed it. But that required changes to other applications to deal with the changes.

I thought there would have been a way in home assistant to deal with this .

Well there probably is a way, templates come to mind, or reading the docs and setting the payload topics.

Yeah I figured templating as well. And when looking through the docs, the text seemed to disagree with the examples.

This was the first thing I looked at, as after upgrading this morning, it was telling me about all the invalid entity states.