MQTT Alarm Panel - unable to read state

I am trying to control my external alarm system (an old Texecom (non-Elite) alarm system) through Home Assistant.

I am using the MQTT Alarm Panel integration, since this allows external code validation and using Node-Red I can transform messages from my alarm system (UDP messages) to MQTT messages that make sense to HA.

My alarm panel is set up like this:

  - name: "Texecom Alarm Panel"
    unique_id: "Texecom_Premier88_AlarmPanel"
    state_topic: "texecom2mqtt/panel"
    value_template: "{{ value_json.alarm_state }}"
    command_topic: "texecom2mqtt/panel/set"
    code: REMOTE_CODE
    command_template: >
      { "action": "{{ action }}", "code": "{{ code }}" }

Via MQTT Explorer, I can see that the status is send correctly to the right topic:


However, the status of my alarm panel remains “Unknown”.

The opposite direction, arming the alarm seems to work fine.
I’m seeing the output as expected in MQTT explorer:

So what am I overlooking so that the alarm_state is not picked up by my alarm panel?

Okay, I’ve found it. As always, a stupid silly mistake. :smirk:

I was publishing to the MQTT topic “texecom2mqtt/panel/” instead of “texecom2mqtt/panel”…

Case closed!