MQTT autodetection and how to get a container into Home Assistant OS?

I’m currently working on an Asterisk Manager Interface to MQTT bridge, primarily to display the status of the various phones and lines on a dashboard. I got the basic code working just fine (GitHub - sgofferj/ami2mqtt: An Asterisk Manager event to MQTT bridge). Now I’d like to have Home Assistant “auto discover” the MQTT entities, the bridge spits out, so I don’t have to configure loads of manual MQTT sensors. I probably don’t know the right words to search for - haven’t been able to find anything. If somebody could point me to the relevant docs…?

Same goes for how to get a container running in Home Assistant OS… Docs, please? :slight_smile:

you can’t. the only way to add containers to HA OS is to create an add-on (which is just a special container managed by the Supervisor) and then add that to HA.

Push messages to the broker that look like this

For the docker part it’s as finity said, you have to make your docker image into an addon. Docs on doing that are here:

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Beautiful, thank you.