MQTT Autodiscovery and too many entities

I have configured an ESP32 with OpenMQTTGateway / RTL_433 to capture data from a couple of weather stations; but when it connects to HomeAssistant MQTT the payload keeps creating new devices, instead of updating the existing. Here is an example where the weather station is Acurite-609TXC; but I have about 35 versions of that now in MQTT that look like " Acurite-609TXC-162" where 162 is any number from 1 -9999.

Looking at the payload, this is what I see:

Topic: homeassistant/sensor/Acurite-609TXC-162-temperature_C/config
state_topic: +/+/RTL_433toMQTT/Acurite-609TXC/162
device_class: temperature
unit_of_measurement: °C
name: temperature
unique_id: Acurite-609TXC-162-temperature_C
value_template: '{{ value_json.temperature_C }}'
state_class: measurement
    - Acurite-609TXC-162
    - - mac
      - Acurite-609TXC-162
  model: Acurite-609TXC
  name: Acurite-609TXC-162
  via_device: lilygo-rtl433
platform: mqtt

I am not sure how to adjust my configuration, if it is something in the broker in the MQTT integration or something else.

I would advise to deactivate the discovery once you see your weather stations:

The gateway will stop creating entities from other devices.
The rest of the traffic can be ignored.

Note that when changing batteries, you may have an ID change; this is a known issue with 433mhz sensors (not related with OMG).