MQTT Bridge not picking up new "things"

Currently my Smartthings to HA integration is working with my original device i setup, but I added a new device to smartthings, but the bridge does not appear to be “listening” to the MQTT queue for this device.

I went into the smartthings MQTT bridge, and you can see where it has an Event Subscription for the OLD device, but the new device is not listed here. Do I need to recompile / reconfigure the code on that runs on the smartthings hub? I feel i’m just missing something really simple.


Hey guys,

I solved the issue, it had been some time since I set this all up so I forgot a step.

I had to go into the Smartthings app on my phone, and into the Smartthings connector, and into the SmartApps, and Switches, and mark off the new switch in the app.

I hate having all this smart stuff, only to be run by my dumb brain =)

Everything is golden now.