Mqtt broker credentials

Recently I was migrating from one pi to another. Wanted to phase this into steps, ie running all on new hw but connecting to old mqtt broker.

Documentation points to setting mqtt: in configuration.yaml

After half an hour of struggling, getting nothing but “authentication failed” in logs I decided to move everythig at once. Since it ddidn’t solve issue either, I found that mqtt broker credentials are set in mqtt Integration GUI.

Of course after entering proper credentials into GUI provided forms everything started to work.

Am I wrong saying that this part of documentation is outdated? It doesn’t even mention mqtt integration GUI.

Is setting mqtt in configuration.yaml still valid way for some cases? if so, then when?

That document is about mqtt brokers, you want the mqtt integration page…

The preferred way to setup MQTT for your installation is via Configuration >> Integrations in the UI, click the button with + sign and from the list of integrations select MQTT .

ok, you’re right. I missed this sentence.
So if Integration is active, it takes precedence over configuration.yaml, doesn’t it?

I was mislead mainly by this:

tbh, this page with all those attributes is so big, that it’s very easy to miss info about integration method (which is chosen by most users I guess)


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