MQTT Broker discovery not seeing Sooff

Hello I just flashed my first sonoff basic with tasmota, I changed its configuration like this

and the MQTT broker config is like this:

I followed the instructions and created a MQTT user and Created the MQTT integration (with discovery activated) in Configuration menu of Home Assistant.

The Log of MQTT Add-on is this one:

1553642325: |-- url= 1553642325: |-- data=username=mqtt&password=&topic=&acc=-1&clientid= 1553642325: |-- aclcheck(mqtt, tele/sonoff1/SENSOR, 2) SUPERUSER=Y by http 1553642325: |-- Cached [1028F555F8053D0BAEA268D52DD9A5A23DAA2658] for (client id not available,mqtt,2) 1553642624: |-- mosquitto_auth_acl_check(…, client id not available, mqtt, tele/sonoff1/STATE, MOSQ_ACL_WRITE) 1553642624: |-- aclcheck(mqtt, tele/sonoff1/STATE, 2) CACHEDAUTH: 0 1553642625: |-- mosquitto_auth_acl_check(…, client id not available, mqtt, tele/sonoff1/SENSOR, MOSQ_ACL_WRITE) 1553642625: |-- aclcheck(mqtt, tele/sonoff1/SENSOR, 2) CACHEDAUTH: 0

If I go to the home page, there is no new items. If I go to configuration/integrations/mqqt I see no new devices discovered, if I go to the entity list there is not the sonoff1 in the list.

What’s my mistake? How can I make it available with the auto discovery?

Thank you for your help

on other PC install MQTT.fx this let see the messages bouncing around

Did you enable discovery in the Tasmota Console? SetOption19 On

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You need to issue the SetOption19 1 command in the web interface console on the sonoff device to enable discovery.

Aside from that, your problem seems to be authentication.

mosquitto_auth_acl_check(…, client id not available, mqtt,

Your broker config and tasmota appears correct. Unless mqtt is not available as a user name. You could try mqtt_user (in both the sonoff and broker config), then save and restart the broker.

What version of Hassio are you running?

I (and others apparently) have had mqtt authentication problems since updating to 0.99.1

Other things you can try are

Updating the HassOS host system to 2.11 (Hassio menu / System tab/ Host System box, then look for the Update button).
Restarting the broker.
Restarting HA.

I did all of these (some more than once) and eventually got it working after the update. Really not sure what was wrong.

ok thank you all! I changed mqqt user name and did the setoption19 command (dont even know what it means). And everything works now!! Thanks

I am running 0.99.1 and host system 2.10. Will update both of them now, let’s see if it goes right.

It enables discovery in Tasmota… if you don’t do that you don’t see the device. Configuration of sonoff devices is done via set options. There is a list on the Tasmota site.

Oh wow. I missed that page in tasmota site. I saw all the options. Thank you. I used youtube and nobody (among those I follow) says that. Thank you for this. It really solved the problem.