MQTT Climate control with ESP32, problem with sending json data

Hi, I have a problem with sending json data to control my climate via mqtt with using esp32, I’m already try to send ON/OFF data, which are in my integration True/False, so I “translate” ‘heat’ to ‘True’ and ‘Off’ to ‘False’ (similar thing I do on state and work perfectly) on “on” , but HA don’t sending ‘Off/False’ data, always sending ‘Heat/True’ data when click ‘heat’ or ‘off’ button on dashboard and I can only activate climate, but can’t turn it off.

Tech tree is here:
Climate <—> ESP32<–>mqtt broker<—>HA


My template code:

{% set value_json = [
    "ist": 23,
    "aussen": 34.5,
    "conf": {
      "on": true,
      "turbo": false,
      "eco": false,
      "soll": 22,
      "melle": false,
      "mode": 1,
      "fan": 0
] %}

{{value_json[0]['conf']['soll'] | int}}
{{value_json[0]['conf']['on'] | abs}}

“on” value here is what I want to change (later also “soll”, but I will do it later)

Config code:

    - name: "Climate 211"
        - "off"
        - "heat"
      #command on/off
      mode_command_topic: "ACesp32/command"
      mode_command_template: "{% if mode_command_topic == heat %} {\"on\": true} {% elif mode_command_topic == off %} {\"on\": false} {% endif %}"
      #Change temp command (don't released yet)
      temperature_command_topic: "ACesp32/command"
      #temperature_command_template: "{% if temperature_command_topic == 'float' %} {\"soll\": temperature_command_topic} {% elif mode_command_topic == off %} {\"soll\": false} {% endif %}"
 #Climate state ON/OFF (DONE)      
      mode_state_topic: "ACesp32/state"
      mode_state_template: "{% if value_json[0]['conf']['on'] | abs == 1 %} heat {% else %} off {% endif %}"
      #Temperature state (DONE)
      current_temperature_topic: "ACesp32/state"
      current_temperature_template: "{{ value_json[0]['conf']['soll'] | int }}"
      max_temp: 35
      min_temp: 15
      precision: 1.0

HA dashboard

Thanks for help

No need more help, if anyone will need it in future I did it like this:

Template for On/Off in configuration YAML file:

mode_command_template: "{{ {\"on\": false} if value == 'off' else {\"on\": true} }}" 

Template for value in configuration YAML file:

temperature_command_template: "{{{\"soll\": value}}}" #return number