MQTT climate doesn't respect imperial/fahrenheit units

Hey there!!

So, I have MQTT Climate setup to work with my Z-Wave Thermostat that is connected to my SmartThings Hub. It chats to Home Assistant via MQTT through a Smart Bridge app that’s part of SmartThings.

All of that said, this thing works (well worked before updates broke it) using input sliders and custom cards. However, when I try to implement it to be a proper thermostat via the Climate.MQTT component:

It pops up like it’s ready to work, but as soon as I try to change the temp, it defaults back to Celsius (21) and sends that to my thermostat. Fortunately my thermostat ignores the nonsense number, but it doesn’t really help me in my quest for proper implementation.

Anyone else run into this yet? Any thoughts on where I might look to see what the problem is? In my configuration.yaml I do have:

  unit_system: imperial


A quick update!

By adding min_temp and max_temp, as well as initial to sane numbers within a Fahrenheit range. And it seems to be working… I’ll give it a while and if it does seem to actually work, I’ll submit an update to the documentation.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who comes across this issue!

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