MQTT Climate doesn't work with Alexa

So I have an MQTT Climate control setup and working well, however even though this shows up in Alexa as a smart control if I go into it it just shows a disabled thermostat temprature and says ‘there was a problem’ anyone have this working in Alexa hassio official alexa skill??

I am having the same issue. I am see two error messages in the log:

climate.main (<class ‘homeassistant.core.State’>) has unsupported operation_mode value ‘OFF’

File “/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/homeassistant/components/alexa/”, line 436, in get_property
raise _UnsupportedProperty(name)
homeassistant.components.alexa.smart_home._UnsupportedProperty: thermostatMode

I worked around this issue by setting my modes to ‘idle’, ‘cool’, and ‘heat’.

Now the Alexa app shows the mode and the temperature, but I don’t see a way to control the thermostat. Voice controls work for reporting the temperature and setting the temperature, but I get a “did not respond” status when setting the temperature. I have not got Alexa to switch the mode.

Same issue here.

I could see the ‘idle’, ‘cool’ and ‘heat’ worked but didn’t know why. I think I have finally figured this out.

From the Alexa documentation the thermostateMode can be set to “AUTO”, “COOL”, “ECO”, “HEAT” and “OFF”


Property Name Type Description
targetSetpoint Temperature Indicates one temperature setpoint, which is used for single and triple mode thermostat values.
lowerSetpoint Temperature Indicates the lower temperature threshold, which is used for reporting dual and triple mode thermostat values.
upperSetpoint Temperature Indicates the upper temperature threshold, which is used for reporting dual and triple mode thermostat values.
thermostatMode ThermostatMode Indicates the thermostat mode for the device. Supported values: “AUTO”, “COOL”, “ECO”, “HEAT” and “OFF”

In alexa/ the climate operation mode is trying the map between Home Assistant and Alexa


climate.STATE_HEAT: ‘HEAT’,
climate.STATE_COOL: ‘COOL’,
climate.STATE_AUTO: ‘AUTO’,
climate.STATE_ECO: ‘ECO’,
climate.STATE_IDLE: ‘OFF’,
climate.STATE_FAN_ONLY: ‘OFF’,
climate.STATE_DRY: ‘OFF’,

In whatever climate module you are using you can only have the above values. Not perfect but nothing ever is. I guess this is a limitation of an Alexa Smart Home skill.

I to have it working with Alexa for three modes Auto Heat Off, but bigger issue which i face and would like to no if you do to. if I ask alexa the temp it works ok, but if I ask to change temp or a mode even though it does work alexa states the device is not responding