MQTT climate entity - thermostat icon color

Is it possible to show the color of the state for a thermostat card icon (for an mqtt climate entity)?
For a general climate entity it works well.

What I mean is the following:

Would be great to have the left upper icon showing orange (as the state of the corresponding thermostat card itself) and the left under icon showing green (as the state of the corresponding thermostat card).

Just like this … as it works for standard climate entities.

Many thanks

You should check out his custom card. I am sure you can work out what you need.

If that doesnot work please use

Both these custom card would take some time but it would be worth it.

Many thanks, will certainly have a look for it.
However a standard climate entity has the colors shown in a standard entity card. Where a mqtt climate entity doesn’t show color of the icon.
Is this because it’s not implemented in the HA yet, or do you need to configure it in your mqtt climate entity itself?
Does anyone knows this?

Have you configured maximum and minimum temperatures?

Hi, yes normally are there min and max temperatures.

It’s orange for heating, blue for cooling, …

Would be great to have the colors matching. It works for the mqtt climate entity when you use the entity in a thermostat card, there you see the color of the state (orange= heating, blue = cooling, …). However when you putt the same mqtt entity in a standard entity card, then you don’t see the corresponding colors. For a regular climate entity the color is shown.

I asked if you have defined max and min temperatures in config for the mqtt entity. Please see the docs, there is min and max temp in it.

MQTT HVAC - Home Assistant.

Hi @sheminasalam
I didn’t configured the mqqt climate entities myself, as they are automatically created using an addon.
However there is a min and max temperate defined.