MQTT confusion after updates (integration/addon)

Hello! this is probably a really dumb question.

I use MQTT light switches for a long time. Im on recent updates and had to reconfigure my mqtt config (so far so good).
My question is about the addons and (vs?) integrations.

Ive always had the “Add-on” mosquito broker. Its configured with my own user/pass and i can connect with a mqtt client to see messages from my devices, all looks normal there.

Under “devices & services”, there is also mosquitto broker listed with what looks like default config (not my user/pass, broker core-mosquitto, user homeassistant) but all my devices are working… I dont recall seeing mosquitto under integrations prior to updates… or maybe it was and just dont remember.

-My initial thought is the mosquitto in integrations is a built in mqtt broker. Since i have mosquito broker through add-ons, can i remove the mosquitto under integrations? Will it break something?
-Other thought is the integration talks to addon to bridge info between hass and mosquitto addon, but if thats the case it shouldnt work because of the password.

Can anyone help my understand? Thanks and sorry if im being a knucklehead

It’s this. The integration sets up homeassistant as the user.

You should have a separate distinct user in the addon for your other devices(as you do).

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