MQTT Cover additional states (opening, closing, stopped)

Would be great to enable additional states to represent a cover in the process of opening or closing, as will as stopped (i.e. not moving and in a position other than open or closed).

Much agreed!

In the Apple HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification there’s CurrentDoorState and TargetDoorState and for Current there are 5 states (open, closed, opening, closing, stopped numbering from 0 to 4). Target uses just 2 options (open, closed).
Here’s the link for states:

My garage doors work like… press button - they open, press again - stop, press - close, etc.
Apple’s HomeKit works a little differently and I had to set manually to state “stopped” on step 2, otherwise HomeKit thinks that they’re closing. So having additional states would be really nice to properly implement garage doors with HA and HomeKit.


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MQTT has recently been updated to “Add opening and closing states to MQTT covers”

It would be appreciated if this is carried across to the Homekit Cover component for Garage Doors…