MQTT cover always showing open

Hi there!
I do have some covers working with shellies on mqtt. When i close my cover, the position topic changes to 0, but my cover status stays at “open”. What is wrong with my configuration?
Thank you for helping my out!

- platform: mqtt
    unique_id: shellyswitch25-xy
    name: Rollade Garten
    icon: hass:window-shutter
    state_topic: "shellies/shellyswitch25-xy/roller/0"
    command_topic: "shellies/shellyswitch25-xy/roller/0/command"
    position_topic: "shellies/shellyswitch25-xy/roller/0/pos"
    set_position_topic: "shellies/shellyswitch25-xy/roller/0/command/pos"
    availability_topic: "shellies/shellyswitch25-xy/online"
    payload_available: "true"
    payload_not_available: "false"
    qos: 1
    retain: false
    payload_open: "open"
    payload_close: "close"
    payload_stop: "stop"
    position_open: 100
    position_closed: 0
    optimistic: false

I may be not be entirely correct, but I think all you need to do is remove the state_topic. The position_topic/open/closed should be good enough for the state.

@wmaker done :slight_smile:

Thank you mate!