MQTT cover not working any more (grayed out controls)

After upgrading to HA 0.109.2, my MQTT cover is not working properly any more. It has the usual 3 buttons, down, stop, up. Stop works, sending the message to my Tasmota device. The up/down buttons are grayed out and don’t do anything when clicking/tapping them.

This is my cover config:

- platform: mqtt
  name: "garage_door"
  device_class: shade
  command_topic: "sonoff-rf-1/cmnd/rfraw"
  payload_open: "AAA80 ..."
  payload_close: "AAA80 ..."
  payload_stop: "AAA806 ..."
  optimistic: true

GUI looks like this:
It used to work fine over multiple upgrades of HA. What is the issue here? Any hints are greatly appreciated.

Fixed in 0.904. So upgrade again :slight_smile:

I think you meant 0.109.4 - and yes, that did the trick, thanks!

Yes, typo :frowning: